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MKV is simply a CONTAINER, not a file type. MKV allows for multiple language files and multiple subtitles to be included in one CONTAINER so that only one release can serve many languages, eliminating the need for a file for each language to be uploaded and stored and made and shared.
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Well theres been hell of a days for us, as you may have seen our site got some problem in some pages.
To cut a long story short one cleaver (Hacker) found a way to make a CSRF attack somehow to find the Administrator password of this blog it was not successful and its been patched (thanks to wordpress developers).
Im 100% positive that attack was harmless and thats why it took us this long to report this here, all comments that contained this bug are now purged from blog and because it was a targeted attack you have nothing to worry about but if you see anything out of the ordinary please contact us.

And to all the haters ,thank you so much for your kind words we are trying are best not to disappoint anyone but at this scale its really hard to satisfy everyone.

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Due to the recent termination of’s payment gateway we have to make drastic changes.
Please notice that won’t be supported by Rlsbb after Jan. 31.2016 Thus is highly recommended to use instead.

We are very thankful to those who support us, Your support will ensure the survivability of this site. Buy Account (click on fast download to REGISTER or RENEW your account)
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we had many requests about this feature and last night i was buzzed enough to do it.
right now you can find out about current day hot posts in TOP 50 Page which is located at the top Navigation bar or you can simply Click Here

remember that nothing happens unless we imagine it … !!!!

im looking forward to your feedback Via Email.

we had to change domain to for some legal reasons.
Please bookmark us with this new domain.


Well guys sorry for the late news but there was too much problem and too little time

about this new theme our old theme has some bugs and we are working on it please bear with this one for a bit .

We are working on it, please be patient…

UPDATE : Fixed.