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theres been so many DDos attacks on our servers which cause this awful load time

if you bear with us for a few more days everything will be back to normal.

sorry for inconvenience

Update well its finally here i got some cisco firewalls and better server, it cost me so much but it worth it!! just a bit more and we are done! ;)

first of all sorry for these past days error pages, i had little time and there was to much work to do.

After 6 endless night i finally managed to migrate RlsBB database and configuration to the new server.

right now there should not be any problems but if you feel like you have reached a page that says error in some way, please contact us and put “Site Problem” in your email subject.



we have noticed some of our users are experiencing website unavailability.

if that’s the case and you have these problems please send us an email with a screenshot(screenshot is optional but it can help)

and we process this problems more accurately.

our Email: [email protected]

use problem as subject



its been a while since we have started RlsBB and with our efforts and your generous clicking RlsBB found a place in top but why should we stop here? there is always time to get better actually there is always ways to get better so im asking you ! (i feel like uncel sam now :D) to tell me what you dont like about RlsBB and what you think we should do about it .

any comment other than site related ones will be deleted .

continue reading…

sorry guys for the down time but we have bit of problems right now and we are trying to sort it out
we will keep you posted

I guess you probably noticed our Like buttons here on Rlsbb, which allows you to share interesting content at Rlsbb with your Facebook friends. Now we decided to launch also official Rlsbb page on Facebook. The official page will bring you updates about latest interesting releases, tips for great movies or games, special competitions and offers and other news. If you join the page, the news from Rlsbb will appear directly in your News feed, so you will be always updated with latest content from us.The address is simple: .

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