Wildlife Park 3, the new zoo simulation for PC, is opening its gates to visitors; as the manager of a wildlife park, you can build your own zoo and let your imagination run wild! Lions, tigers, elephants and a host of other animals await your visitors, and thrilling missions will take the virtual wildlife park manager on adventures all over the world. Wildlife Park 3 is a mix of realistic animal simulation, business management and building strategy. The title is the latest game in the popular series which has received countless prizes and awards since its first release.


  • The thrilling Campaign will take players around the world on 20 missions
  • Realistic representations of 25 different land- and water-based animal species
  • Improved and expanded management component
  • The terraforming tool allows players to landscape their own park based on their own designs
  • True-to-life animated plant varieties with flowering and fruiting phases
  • Comprehensive lexicon with lots of interesting information on the various animal and plant species
  • Plenty of scope to customize the park using a variety of decorative park elements; a range of fences, enclosures, plants and visitor facilities can be upgraded
  • Visitor attractions such as hot air balloons, airships, monorails and a new track system that enables players to build upward (third dimension)

Publisher: bitComposer
Developer: B-Alive
Genre: Simulation

Release name: Wildlife_Park_3-FLT
Size: 1170MB in 25F
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