Following in the long tradition of National Lampoon, this ballsy comedy takes aim at “sword and sandal” movies of every era, with s special nod of the feathered helmet to historical epics such as 300, Gladiator, Troy, and Braveheart. When the sexually ambiguous Trojan Prince Orlando tries to win his father’s approval by bringing the luscious Ellen of Greece back home to Troy, the jilted King Erotic threatens revenge. Now General Awesomest Maximus must put aside his slacker ways and face off against Erotic’s million-man Greek army with only 300 Trojans. Or was that 301? Dude, it’s the Gods… don’t overthink it!

Genre: Comedy
IMDB rating: avaiting 5 votes
Directed by: Jeff Kanew
Writer: Jason Burinescu
Starring: Kristanna Loken, Rip Torn and Tony Cox

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Runtime: 88mins

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