BAHAMUT has been summoned to proudly bring you

Description :
The latest installment of the greatest air combat game series soars onto the PSP system with an arsenal full of ground breaking new features! ACE COMBAT JOINT ASSAULT pushes the PSP system’s capacity to its limit with robust online gameplay, CO-OP enabled campaign mode, new strategic AI system and more!

Interested in joining one of the most active console groups? We are looking for talented and motivated new members to help us on our goal. We are a group built on friendship, devotion, respect and fun. If you are interested only in the glory and releases, then you are not welcome. Hard work and dedication is what has brought us to where we are today and we aim to continue that method

It is preferable that you work at a game store or have access to games before/on the day of release. We are looking for suppliers from Canada, China Japan, Korea, USA and all European regions who are willing to contribute One time suppliers are not welcome, as a steady and consistent supply is required

Release Name: Ace.Combat.Joint.Assault.USA.PSP-BAHAMUT
Size: 1.28 GB
Format: iso
Languages: English
Country: USA
System: Playstation Portable

Links: NFONTi