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Tag: Acoustics

Here we have 5 VSTi DXi RTAS plugins from ”Applied Acoustics” released by AIR.

Applied.Acoustics.Lounge.Lizard.EP-3.VSTi.DXi.RTAS.v3.1.3.Incl.Keygen-AiR – Nfo
Lounge Lizard uses the same physical modelling technology utilised by the Tassman, to replicate the mechanism of an electric piano, including the tone and tine bars, the hammer and the pick up for unmatched sound quality and control.

Applied.Acoustics.String.Studio.VS-1.VSTi.DXi.RTAS.v1.1.3.Incl.Keygen-AiR – Nfo
String Studio VS-1 swaps the traditional oscillator, filter, and envelope pattern for real-life string instrument components. At the core of String Studio lies a new, cutting edge physical model of strings interacting with picks, bows, hammers, fingers, frets, dampers, and soundboards. Through this direct approach, String Studio delivers stunning guitars, basses, harps, clavinets, bowed instruments, percussions as well as rich and animated tones that blend the warmth, naturalness, and density of real-life with unique and innovative timbres from yet unheard instruments.

Applied.Acoustics.Strum.Acoustic.GS-1.VSTi.RTAS.v1.0.2.Incl.Keygen-AiR – Nfo
Strum Acoustic GS-1 is an acoustic guitar software synthesizer based on the latest AAS physical modeling technology. Strum provides a collection of steel and nylon acoustic guitars and includes elaborate voicing and strumming modules for the realistic reproduction of a guitarist’s playing techniques. Chords played on the keyboard are automatically voiced for the guitar while strumming and picking actions are reproduced by an auto-strum function, special strumming keys, or MIDI loops. EQ, multi-effect, and reverb modules complete the package. Keyboardist’s Acoustic Guitar: Can’t learn the guitar in time for your deadline. Your favorite session player is out of town. ROMplers are not quite there. Strum is the just-right solution.

Applied.Acoustics.Strum.Electric.GS-1.VSTi.RTAS.v1.0.2.Incl.Keygen-AiR – Nfo
Strum Electric GS-1 is a guitar track production plug-in for music producers and composers. Based on the latest AAS physical modeling technology, Strum Electric includes a collection of classic single coil- and humbucker-fitted guitars, a two-channel amplifier with spring reverb, a speaker cabinet, and effects all featured in a ready-made preset library. It also includes an elaborate voicing module which automatically voices chords played on the keyboard as a guitar player would on the fretboard. Techniques such as down- and up-strokes, slides and bends, hammer-ons and pull-offs, palm muting, muffled strings, and arpeggios are triggered by special strumming keys. Strum Electric also ships with a MIDI loops library which provides rhythmic figures, strumming patterns, and chord progressions in various musical styles.

Applied.Acoustics.Tassman.VSTi.DXi.RTAS.v4.1.5.Incl.Keygen-AiR – Nfo
The Tassman is a modular sound synthesis studio based on Applied Acoustics Systems’ award winning physical modeling technology. The Tassman offers a near infinite range of creative possibilities with a wide collection of synths ranging from highly realistic emulation of acoustic instruments, analog and FM synthesizers, loop processors to entirely unique hybrid creations simply not possible by any other means.

Homepage: Here
Download: Lounge LizardString StudioStrum AcousticStrum ElectricTassman

Here we have Air with another great release. This time they released ”Applied Acoustics Ultra Analog”

Ultra Analog offers 32 voices of polyphony and its highly adaptable signal path is driven by two super rich, alias free oscillators featuring standard waveforms, sub oscillators, hard sync, and integrated pitch envelopes. Two multimode filters with distortion are then applied to shape its sonic character. Finally, carefully chosen modulation options are provided by two syncable comprehensive LFOs, four loopable velocity sensitive ADSR envelope generators and vibrato.

Feature highlights:
32 voice polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer.
Entirely based on physical modeling for outstanding sound quality.
Top quality preset library.
Real time calculation of sound – no samples.
32bit floating point internal processing.
Audio bit-depth and sample rates up to 24bit/192kHz.
Integrated audio recorder to capture performance on the fly.
Integrated browser and locate function for easy navigation and organization of presets.
Import/Export functions for easy sharing of presets.
Unlimited undo/redo capability.
Standalone operation – no host application required.
Standard plugin formats support.
Full audio and MIDI hardware support.
Simultaneous operation of multiple MIDI ports.
MIDI automation and program change support.
User defined MIDI maps with MIDI Learn.
Module initialization and bypass.
High quality integrated master effects: chorus, delay and reverb.
MIDI Clock, tap and host tempo synchronization.
Dynamic voice allocation and CPU overhead protection

Release name: Applied.Acoustics.Ultra.Analog.VA-1.VSTi.DXi.RTAS.v1.1.4.Incl.Keygen-AiR
Size: 5.71 mb
Links: HomepageNfo
Download: Hotfile