DIGERA brings us a significant new release of the AgentSheets game and simulation authoring tool.
About: Including the amazing new Conversational Programming programming paradigm, improved workflow and simple ways to share your creations. It allows you to show your best side, frame the shoot and even apply sophisticated artistic effects. Take pictures of yourself, your friends or objects around you. Act a little. Animate yourself. Tell a story. The graphical user interface has been upgraded to look more appealing, use native dialogs where possible and provide a more consistent, productive, and enjoyable programming experience. Proven drag and drop, rule-based programming allows the creation of easy-to-understand programs. For more information visit the Homepage, and read nfo ;)

Release Name: AgentSheets_v3.0_MacOSX-DIGERATI
Size: 24.4 MB
Links: HomepageNFO

Download: HOTFILE, Torrent Search