For the last quarter century golfers everywhere have been searching for the latest advancement in golfing technology, ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’ has now emerged as the latest breakthrough in golf training.

My Personal Golf Trainer is ‘The Ultimate Home Golf Swing Trainer’. Within a few minutes My Personal Golf Trainer will correctly identify your golf swing flaws and provide you with training drills that correct your swing path and clubface rotation. With My Personal Golf Trainer you will learn David Leadbetter’s key techniques that golf pros and elite players work on everyday.

Move your weight more effectively or combine both distance and accuracy. The revolution continues today with ‘My Personal Golf Trainer’. Redefining the boundaries of swing analysis and performance.

Are you are positioned at the right angle, is the club rotated, are you holding it too high or low, forwards or too far behind, with the Wii Balance Board; David Leadbetter will tell you exactly how you are positioned, leaning to the side or back to far, as you swing we record the speed and direction in 3D space and compare your actions against an ideal swing.

This is real golf training, with a world class expert available 24/7 in your own home. This will improve your golf swing on the real course and you can also see your improvement at home as well.

My Personal Golf Trainer Wii

Features :

  • Worlds first interactive Golf Trainer, in your home!
  • Accurate feedback on every stage of YOUR swing.
  • Unique real-time, weight shift analysis.
  • Get instant one-on-one feedback with David Leadbetter.
  • Develop a more powerful, reliable golf swing NOW!

My Personal Golf Trainer Wii

Release name: My_Personal_Golf_Trainer_PAL_WII-ZER0
: 4813 MB
Release Date: 28.05.2011
Region: PAL
Developer: Data Design Int.

Language: ENG
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