Defend your Citadel with an adjustable catapult against those English types who feel enraged by your outrageous accent, using a variety of projectiles that belong more in the farmyard than 10 feet up in the air. Fling chickens, cows, European and African swallows, and even the kitchen sink to keep those knights out before you have to fart in their general direction. Tell that silly king to boil his own bottom and claim his mother was a hamster, and build up your arrogance meter to unlock other animals and taunt that silly king a second time.


  • Many levels of English invasion!
  • 6 different types of animal to throw
  • Power-ups mid-flight! Watch out for the Holy Grail when it appears
  • The English leave bombs on their structures. Use them!

Release Name: Monty_Pythons_Cow_Tossing_v1.0.3_ANDROiD-PDXPDA
Size: 6.05MB
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