A show debunking junk science, from the creator of badastronomy.com Phil Plait. The universe is a dangerous place. Threats can come from any direction. But pop culture has played fast and loose with the facts, and quite often the things we know are all wrong, and when you’re dealing with the universe, ignorance can be deadly. That’s where Phil Plait comes in. He’s an ‘Alpha Nerd’ with a PhD in Astronomy, on a mission to debunk all the junk science out there and reveal the truth. In each episode, he’ll show you the real science behind the mysteries of this planet, our solar system and the bad universe we all live in. It might just save your life.

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1: 1×01 — Asteroid Apocalypse
65 million years ago, an asteroid bigger than Mount Everest slammed into the Earth wiping out the dinosaurs. Are we in for the same fate? Phil Plait investigates the possibility and tests some explosive measures that may just save our planet.

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