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Ace of Base are a pop band based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Its original member lineup consisted of Jonas Joker Berggren, Ulf Buddha Ekberg, and sisters Malin Linn Berggren and Jenny Berggren. They released four studio albums between 1993 and 2002, which sold in excess of 30 million copies worldwide. Following the official departure of singer Linn in 2007, the band performed a series of concerts as a trio in Europe and Asia, before Jenny revealed in November 2009 that the three members could not get an album released, and that she would instead pursue a solo career

Now, after eight years and with two new singers, Ace Of Base released their fifth studio album called The Golden Ratio. The music of the new Ace Of Base album The Golden Ratio is very catchy and funky Most songs are perfect for the dance floor. The songs are all easy to sing along and spread a good mood. The electropop music of the new album The Golden Ratio reminds strongly of 80s pop. All thirteen songs are spreading good mood and party vibes. Mr. Replay is including a rapper that sounds a little Jamaican. The Golden Ratio is a wonderful album that combines the good old 80s pop with the modern music. Enjoy Ace Of Base with The Golden Ratio

Track List:

01. All 4 U 03:38
02. Blah Blah Blah On The Radio 03:47
03. The Golden Ratio 03:47
04. Southern California 03:17
05. Told My Ma 03:51
06. Black Sea 03:42
07. One Day 03:05
08. Juliet 03:17
09. Precious 03:54
10. Vision In Blue 03:56
11. Mr. Replay Feat. Lex Marshall 04:18
12. Who Am I 03:07
13. Doreen 03:38

Release Name: Ace_Of_Base_-_The_Golden_Ratio-2010-MOD
Genre: Pop
Label: Polydor/UNIVERSAL
Quality: VBR kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Size: 68.6 MB
Playing Time: 47:17 min
Rip Date: Sep-23-2010

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Swedish artist Pauline’s new album is called “Never Said I Was An Angel”. This, her second album, is a soulful rollercoaster ride through all aspects of her music – from love and thrills to heartbreaks and chills; from the stormin’ title track and the Motown-tinged single “Give Me Call” to an ultimate new version of her debut hit “Running Out Of Gaz” and the funky uptempo dancer “Dancin’” via the big drama in minimalistic “Don’t Leave” through to the ska-tastic partystarter “Red Carpet”, the soulful passion of Pauline’s vocals never fail to draw you in…

Track List:

1. Never Said I Was An Angel 3:12
2. If Uou Dont Know Me 3:12
3. Red Carped 3:15
4. Give Me a Call 3:30
5. Sucker For Love 3:02
6. Dancin 2:48
7. The Misconception 3:52
8. Happy People 3:59
9. Sunshine Boulevard 4:06
10. Loving You 3:07
11. It’s Ok 4:12
12. Running Out Of Gaz (Live 2009) 4:36
13. Don’t Leave 3:22

Release Name: Pauline-Never_Said_I_Was_An_Angel-2010-BFHMP3
Genre: Pop
Label: MyMusic
Quality: 177 kbps avg
Size: 61.68 MB
Playing Time: 46:13 min
Rip Date: 2010-09-23

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1. Funker Vogt – Arising Hero (Club Mix) (04:18)
2. Funker Vogt – Arising Hero (Rotersand Rework) (04:53)
3. Funker Vogt – Arising Hero – Redemption (05:28)
4. Funker Vogt – My Innermost (Noblesse Oblige Remix) (04:50)
5. Funker Vogt – Arising Hero (Faderhead Remix) (04:14)
6. Funker Vogt – Arising Hero – Revolution (04:40)
7. Funker Vogt – Arising Hero (Factory Mix by Komor Kommando) (04:57)
8. Funker Vogt – My Innermost (Loop Mix) (03:41)

Artist : Funker Vogt
Album :Arising Hero
Quality : 178 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Date & Time:2010-09-19
Group :gF
Size :57.2 MB

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His crystalline voice and funky, easygoing beats earned Cas a second-place finish on America’s Got Talent, which in turn netted him a measure of fame and a following. But the contest also locked the Texan singer/songwriter into a major label deal that didn’t feel right. So, not wanting to be turned into a manufactured product, he struck out on his own. The superb result: Connection, a collection of songs basking in the musical maturity that comes from staying true to his artistic vision.


1/13. Cas Haley – Release Me (The Fear) (04:12)
2/13. Cas Haley – Better (03:20)
3/13. Cas Haley – Take A Chance (04:14)
4/13. Cas Haley – Will I Find (03:22)
5/13. Cas Haley – No One (05:05)
6/13. Cas Haley – Let It Out (03:38)
7/13. Cas Haley – Time And Truth (03:51)
8/13. Cas Haley – Counting Stars (04:02)
9/13. Cas Haley – I’m Free (03:35)
10/13. Cas Haley – Here I Come (Feat. Josh Heinrichs Of Jah Roots) (03:53)
11/13. Cas Haley – Everyday (03:54)
12/13. Cas Haley – Connection (03:31)
13/13. Cas Haley – Better (Michael G Easy Star All Stars Remix) (Bonus Track) (04:52)

Artist : Cas Haley
Album :Connection
Label : Easy Star
Genre : Reggae
Street date : 2010-00-00
Quality : 178 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.97 -V2 –vbr-new
Size : 69.02 MB
Time : 51:29 min

Link : NFO

Release Name: VA_-_Ministry_Of_Sound_The_Annual_Summer_2010-(DIGI0702)-WEB-2010-UME
Genre: Dance
Label: Minsitry of Sound
Quality: VBR kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Size: 881 MB
Rip Date: 17-09-2010

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Maroon 5 is back with its third studio album entitled Hands All Over, produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange (AC/DC, Foreigner, The Cars). The album, a hybrid of rock, pop, funk, and R&B, showcases the band’s considerable strengths: buoyant, unforgettable melodies, sleek, stylish grooves, charged lyrics about turbulent relationships, and crisp, dynamic performances. Hands All Over sees Maroon 5 exploring new territory–the title track is heavier than anything the band has done before, and “Out of Goodbyes” is a country ballad recorded with Nashville band Lady Antebellum.

Track List:

01. Misery
02. Give a Little More
03. Stutter
04. Don’t Know Nothing
05. Never Gonna Leave This Bed
06. I Can’t Lie
07. Hands All Over
08. How
09. Get Back in My Life
10. Just a Feeling
11. Runaway
12. Out of Goodbyes (with Lady Antebellum)
13. Last Chance
14. No Curtain Call
15. Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Acoustic)
16. Misery (Acoustic)
17. If I Ain’t Got You (Live)
18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Accoustic Version)
19. The Air The I Breathe [Bonus Track]
20. Last Chance (Live) [Pre-Order Only]

Album Name: Maroon 5 – Hands All Over (iTunes Pre-Order International Deluxe Version)
Genre: Pop
Label: A&M/Octone
Size: 145.58MB
Store Date: 2010-09-17


01…Denis Melody – One Day in Odessa 04:39
02…Junopilot – Grosse Freiheit 03:24
03…Schwarz and Funk – Caribean Sunset 05:29
04…Billy Esteban – Forest 08:30
05…Sugahspank – Big Jello Boy 04:17
06…Jojo Effect – Music Lifts Me Up 04:49
07…Alexel – Daily Phenomena 04:10
08…Amberland – Obelisk 05:13
09…Islands of Groove – Move Your Body (DJ Edition Chill Relax Mix) 04:52
10…Evaeva – Nyblues 05:42
11…Rodrigo Sanchez – Deep Water 05:07
12…Alien Cafe – Wheels 2 – Skyline 04:04
13…Isla Zebra – Complexly Simple 05:04
14…Dhoop – Sticks-Falling 04:01
15…Eddie Silverton – White Sand 04:32
16…For Found Future – Dream Your Dreams 05:23
17…Life Audience – While the Sun Was Sleeping 07:09
18…Out of Sight – Green Miles 05:05
19…Jens Buchert – Blue Horizon 04:34
20…Cerin and Simonluka – My Reason (Feat Gc) 05:10
21…Agua Loca – Laguna Del Sur 03:20
22…Kevin Place – Superfank 05:53
23…Jean Mare – Deep in Thoughts 05:56
24…Armando Gomez – Forever Walking 06:17
25…The Beach Project – Papete 04:51

Release name: VA-The_Millionairs_Lounge_Club-(LOTIONCOMP087)-WEB-2010-HFT
Genre: Electronic
Size: 291.09 MB
Quality: 320 kbps / 44,1Hz / Stereo
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