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Similar to “Modern Marvels”, “TARGET EARTH” will explore topics such as infrastructure, natural resources, and engineering, but with a new sci-fi twist: how would aliens view our planet if they were targeting Earth for takeover?

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This strategy RPG is the most detailed and realistic medieval combat model ever created. In these epic encounters players must lead armies through the greatest of medieval wars and make history live again. Famous figures like The Black Prince, Joan of Arc and Henry V all take their turn in this epic conflict deploying new weapons and battle tactics that finally left England as an island nation.

HISTORY Great Battles Medieval is the second title in the highly successful Great Battles series, which saw its first appearance with the release of HISTORY Great Battles of Rome.

HISTORY Great Battles Medieval is based on the historical events of the Hundred Years War, the most famous conflict of medieval times fought between France and England that shaped the future of both countries for centuries to follow. It features Slitherines cutting edge graphic engine and a brand new game play system that allows players to be in complete control of massive armies.

From the thunderous charge of the knights to the men-at-arms fighting for their lives in hand-to-hand combat, the game will recreate the epic feel of medieval battles, featuring thousands of characters simultaneously.

History : Great Battles Medieval Xbox360

Features :

  • Licensed and TV supported by History, one of the best known brands for factual historical programming
  • As the English you will fight under the Black Prince, Henry V and other heroic characters from history, and as the French you fight for Joan of Arc and the King
  • 70 Medieval battles, including 26 historical encounters from the Hundred Years war, 1337-1453
  • Command more than 20 different units, including Crossbowman exclusive to Xbox360, all accurately researched and carefully modelled in amazing detail
  • Customise your squads of archers, cavalry, knights, etc with over 100 unique fighting, combat and weapon skills
  • Free form quest maps that allow players to decide when and where to fight within an historical framework
  • Innovative Battle Card system that gives realistic bonuses and penalties in battle
  • Multiplayer: join a game or host your own in 2 player head to head
  • Extensive added historical documentary clips from the library of HISTORY TV channel

History : Great Battles Medieval Xbox360
History : Great Battles Medieval Xbox 360History : Great Battles Medieval Xbox 360History : Great Battles Medieval Xbox 360History : Great Battles Medieval Xbox 360
History : Great Battles Medieval Xbox 360History : Great Battles Medieval Xbox 360History : Great Battles Medieval Xbox 360

Release name
: The_History_Channel-Great_Battles-Medieval_PAL_XBOX360-RRoD
: 6944 MB
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Slitherine
Developer: Slitherine Software
Release Date: 03.10.2010
Language: uk
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Description: 4 episodes from the hit National Geographic Channel Series. Go undercover inside the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Featuring detailed re-enactments, suspense-driven narratives, and expert interviews with special agents as well as Hells Angels’ members, this acclaimed documentary series infiltrates the infamous organization like never before.

Genre: Crime | History
IMDB rating: (awaiting 5 votes))
Directed by: Harvey Crossland
Starring: Ryan Boyko, Talia Russo, Rick Cordeiro, Joel Lacoursiere

Release Name: Outlaw.Bikers.2008.DVDRip.XviD-VoMiT
Size: 1.4 GB
Audio Quality: English AC3 224 kbps stereo
Video Quality: XviD 879 kbps 640×368 29.970 fps
Runtime: 117 mins



MOMENTUM have released the latest episode of HISTORY channel’s “Gangland”.

A gritty, true-life series exposing the world of history’s most notorious and dangerous gangs.


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FQM released the new episode of history channel’s The Universe.

Season 5, Episode 7 – “Total Eclipse”
Once they were dreaded and thought to be dragons eating the sun–but modern science has dispelled mythology and we now look forward to total Solar Eclipses as one of the most spectacular phenomena in the heavens. Explore the complex movements of Earth, Moon and Sun that produce these unusual events and hear details why we may be the only intelligent beings in the known Universe to witness eclipses like we see on Earth. Man-made eclipses also figure into the science in the form of instruments called “coronagraphs.” They blot out the sun and reveal its corona, uncovering secrets which, while enlightening, also warn of a disaster that could make our advanced technology crash and burn. Finally, travel into deep space, where the tiny eclipses caused by planets circling distant stars is now beginning to reveal hundreds more stars where “exoplanets” exist… perhaps even those in habitable zones like the Earth.


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Plot: 9/11 STATE OF EMERGENCY is a ground-breaking documentary that tells the story of 9/11 in the words of key political and military leaders, and ordinary men and women who suddenly found themselves on the frontlines of a new kind of war. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dick Myers, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and a host of other top officials take viewers deep inside the corridors of power during the most dramatic day of the century, offering fresh insights into the unprecedented state of emergency that was 9/11.

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