Here is to pick up what I left off for this UK series “Hustle”. The DVDRip PACK of the 6-episode season 3 was released by group FoV, check it out!

Strapped for cash after a spell in Las Vegas, the expert tricksters are confronted by some risky situations. Mickey poses as a hip-hop record producer when the crew pit themselves against a notorious mark with a bratty son who thinks he’s the next Eminem. But when the con goes wrong, will the gang end up paying the price? When James Whittaker Wright III, a matchless American con artist, joins the crew to seek revenge on some unscrupulous city bankers, will they be able to pull off the con before Wright III pulls a double-cross on them? And in the high heat of summer, it suddenly looks like it might be the last score for some of the crew. When Danny and Mickey take up a challenge to determine the group’s leadership, they end up engaged in a race against the clock and each other — if the crew end up with a new leader, will Mickey walk away?


XviD 25fps 640×368 | AC3 2.0 | 700MB x 6

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