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Tag: MacOSX

Description: sArchiver is a very easy to use application that allows you to extract files from your archives. If the archive is password protected, sArchiver will automatically ask for the password before decompressing. After extraction sArchiver automatically opens the destination folder (can be toggled from the preferences) so you do not have to find it manually.


  • Can open .zip and 7z archives
  • Can extract .zip and 7z archives
  • Can test .zip and 7z archives
  • Automatically opens the destination folder after extracting
  • Shortcut button for easily opening the archive’s folder
  • Shows information about the type, path, size and name of the archive
  • Extended information about the last performed operation is shown in a status field.

Release Name: SArchiver.v3.6.3.MacOSX.Incl.Keymaker-CORE
Size: 8.4MB
Links: NFO, Homepage , Torrent Search


Lzo released new build of ”BeaTunes” application for all music lovers, musicians & DJs. Windows & Mac OSX version are available. BeaTunes is music cataloging software but with additional features like BPM calculation, music key finder and so. Enjoy.

What started out as a BPM detection tool for DJs, runners and dancers, has become one of the finest iTunes™ library management tools around. beaTunes’ powerful inspection feature lets you clean up your iTunes track data in a way unrivaled by any other software on the market today. Easily find typos or different spellings of artists’ names, automatically fill in the album artist names, and much more. No more R.E.M. and REM in your iPod’s artist list! No more albums hidden in the compilations section. beaTunes can even help you to find the titles of tracks that have no artist or title associated with them. And once you have a clean collection, the built-in playlist generator works even better.

Release Name:
Size: 19.52 MB
Links: NFO, Homepage
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RBS released the world’s best-selling music notation software for Mac.

Description: It is as intuitive to use as a pen, yet so powerful that it does most things in less than the blink of an eye. Sibelius 6 is a giant leap forward in notation software, with amazing new features and improvements for educators, students, composers, arrangers, copyists and musicians of all kinds.


  • No more tidying up scores
    Magnetic Layout takes care of almost every detail of score layout for you – so effortlessly, you’ll hardly notice. As you write, it gives everything just the right amount of space and avoids collisions – producing beautiful results.
  • Conduct your scores
    It’s time to take to the podium! Live Tempo lets you conduct the playback of your score to produce a nuanced, musical performance. Simply tap a key on your computer keyboard, MIDI keyboard or foot pedal, and Sibelius follows your beat.
  • Great new sounds in no time
    High-quality playback now needs no set-up at all – just hit the space bar, and Sibelius plays back using amazing sampled sounds.
  • Beautiful Keyboard & Fretboard windows
    If you prefer using a keyboard or guitar to notation, these beautiful new windows are ideal.
  • Sync with sequencers and DAWs
    Pro ToolsOnly in Sibelius: Add a live performance to an audio recording, or sync a recording with your score playback. You can do all of this and more thanks to ReWire support, which lets you sync Sibelius playback with products like Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, GarageBand and more.
  • Easy chord symbols & guitar diagrams
    Chord symbols and guitar chord diagrams can now be created quicker than ever from your computer keyboard, MIDI keyboard or MIDI guitar.

Release Name: Sibelius.v6.2.0.88.Multilingual.MacOSX.ISO-RBS
Size: 2800 MB
Links: Homepage, NFO

Download: NTi

Core released interesting application for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch users. iMagePhone is a iPhone, iPad & iPod touch wallpaper maker for Mac OS X. You may crop, resize, zoom and enhance your own image with the defined position and size according to exact parameters of the iPhone’s and iPad display.

With iMagePhone, you can import iPhoto albums and add over 50 photo effects. Then save as iPhone or iPad wallpaper and upload directly to device, email to family and friends, save and organize into wallpapers gallery folders or export into different graphics formats. iMagePhone developed specifically for use with Apple’s iPhone and helps customize your iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch background by yourself Improve iPhone lock screen by adding text messages, notes or reminders to regular iPhone background. Text layer supports rich formatted text and adjustable font size. Predefined templates allow you to add textual information, such us random interesting facts or silly quotes.

Key features:

  • Crop, resize, rotate and zoom images
  • Add text to iPhone background
  • Add Address Book contacts
  • Over 50 photo effects
  • Preview on virtual iPhone and iPad display
  • iPhoto and Address Book integration
  • Add iCal calendar events
  • Upload wallpapers to iPhone
  • Backup iPhone/iPod Touch device

Release name: IMagePhone.Pro.v1.4.MacOSX.Incl.Keymaker-CORE
Size: 5.28 mb
Links: Homepage, Nfo
Download: Hotfile, Torrent search

CORE released an educational tool for learning music theory, a controller for software and external synthesizers, and an indispensible assistant for creating coherent musical compositions with ease.

Description: FretPet’s interface is informative, colorful, interactive, and fun. Document windows maintain your chords and picking patterns in neat vertical stacks while FretPet’s nine interactive palettes provide the information you need most when you’re working with notes, chords, and scales. More info available @ Homepage, enjoy .

Release Name: FretPet.X.v1.2.5.MacOSX.Incl.Keymaker-CORE
Size: 9.84 MB
Links: Homepage, NFO

Download: HOTFiLE, NTi

CORE with new version of a drag & drop can opener and data archaeologist sofware.

Description: It’s specialty is to find and extract images, video, audio or text from files which are hard to open in other ways. Extract/recover images, video, audio and text from files, folders, flash cards and iPods. File Juicer will extract images from PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or Word just as it will extract them from flash cards. It considers all files as the peel of an orange which can be removed and the contents extracted. For more info, visit Homepage.

Release Name: File.Juicer.v4.22.MacOSX.Incl.Keymaker-CORE
Size: 6MB
Links: Homepage, NFO

Download: HOTFiLE, NTi

CORE has released updated version of CleanMyMac, cleaning tool for OSX users.

Description: CleanMyMac represents sophisticated all-in-one-suite utility that helps keep your Mac clean and healthy. With just two simple clicks you can delete useless files that basically pile up and waste your valuable disk space. CleanMyMac allows enjoying smooth system performance combining such vital features as Slim Universal Binaries, Clean Unneeded Languages, Logs Rotation, Clean Caches, Quick and Secure Erase, Application Uninstallation, and Killing Trash Left From Buried Applications. CleanMyMac can save gigabytes of disk space and enhance your computer speed. Go ahead and give it a shot! Your Mac will definitely be grateful!

Release name: MacPaw.CleanMyMac.v1.9.1.MacOSX.Incl.Keymaker-CORE
Size: 5.66 MB
Links: NFO, Homepage
Download: HOTFiLE, Torrent Search