Steep slopes, suddenly appearing obstacles and surprising turns in the track demand sharp reflexes, requiring players to give their all. Through its insane bursts of speed, nail’d will catapult you from one adrenalin boost to the next. In a tournament, players will charge through diverse geographical track settings, e.g. between the redwood trees and sheer granite mountain faces of Yosemite National Park. Players in nail’d get to choose between various vehicle classes, including motorbikes and quads. Once they have picked their wheels, it’s time to hit the track and prevail against challenging AI opponents.

  • High-Octane Speed – Nail’d aims to be the fastest off-road racer of them all – each track is engineered to keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation of what’s behind the next hairpin bend; what’s more, utilize the amazing turbo boost ability for incentives rather than points, supercharging the game’s sense of lightning-fast speed
  • Extreme Terrain – Nail’d, while set in real-life locations such as Yosemite Park, is designed to reflect the over-the-top arcade nature of the game; this is a world where impossible tracks and broken and bent laws of physics reign supreme
  • Over the Top Jumps – There’s nothing like flying off a cliff edge and then falling half a mile towards the ground; throw-in dodging the blades of several towering wind turbines and struggling to nail the perfect landing with your opponents trying to knock you from your ride; if big air’ in other games is earth-sized, Nail’d is like a twin galaxy of stomach-in-mouth terror
  • Intense Head to Head Action – Up to 11 AI opponents will keep you on your toes; they say death comes from above and that’s very often the case in Nail’d; it’s not all one way though, you can knock opponents from their vehicles and for extreme punishment you can deal a crushing blow from the sky by landing on top of your opponents

Publisher: Deep Silver
Developper: Techland
Genre: Race

Release name: Naild_XBOX360-iCON
Size: 7000MB in 74F
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