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The series revolves around Hank Moody, a charming writer and novelist plagued with personal demons. He blames his years-long case of writer’s block on a variety of reasons, ranging from the hedonism of Los Angeles, to his on-again, off-again relationship with his girlfriend Karen. Hank constantly deals with the fallout of his lack of will to say “no” to drugs, sex and alcohol, while trying to show his family that he can be a good, caring person……


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In season 2, fast-laner Lew Ashby (Callum Keith Rennie), a legendary music producer, recruits Hank to be his biographer. Hank’s agent Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler) is fired from his agency and takes a fledgling female porn star under his wing. Charlie’s wife Marcy (Pamela Adlon) becomes a coke fiend. Seventeen-year-old Mia (Madeline Zima) becomes a critics’ darling when Hank’s manuscript, which she stole in season 1, is published. Sonja (Paula Marshall) the Scientologist is pregnant and Hank may be the father. Duchovny’s laid-back charm imbues Hank with what one character calls “infuriating magic.” As the precocious Becca tells her mother, “You have to love him for who he is, not his potential.” For all its explicit language and graphic sex, Californication is a compelling character study of a seriously flawed man-child. To quote a review of Mia/Hank’s book, “It isn’t about sex, but loneliness. It’s hauntingly hopelessly romantic in the best sense of the word.” Big ups! –Donald Liebenson


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1. Main Titles (00:57)
2. The War Of Succession (02:04)
3. Ordained By God / Welcome To Kingsbridge (01:54)
4. A Bargain Between Beggars (01:29)
5. Let Go Of My Horse (01:58)
6. Forest Cathedral (01:13)
7. Ellen’s Cave (02:07)
8. Agnes Dies (01:12)
9. The King Dies (02:21)
10. Percy Invades (Part I) (01:35)
11. Percy Invades (Part II) (01:49)
12. Tom Enters / Maybe (02:51)
13. Jack’s Arson (02:21)
14. The Gravity Of Choice (02:17)
15. The Balance Of Human Creation (01:24)
16. Tom Builders Inspiration (01:59)
17. Quarry Face Off (04:14)
18. Helps Arrives (01:14)
19. Tom Fights William / Tom Dies (02:08)
20. Happy Travels (00:47)
21. Jack And Aliana Make Love (01:59)
22. Philip Is Damned (01:04)
23. Ellen Tells Her Story (02:24)
24. Building The Wall (01:26)
25. William Approaches (02:06)
26. Attack (01:22)
27. William Kills Regan (01:31)
28. Raining Dreams (01:41)
29. What Would You Have Me Do? (02:37)
30. An Ass And An Idiot (02:15)
31. Alfred Attacks (02:14)
32. Henry Kills Ustus (01:49)
33. Walleran Runs And Dies (01:51)
34. The Final Chapter / The Legacy Of Achievement (03:31)
35. A New Hope (Original Theme Demo) (02:22)
36. Love Theme (Original Theme Demo) (02:09)
37. Messenger Of War (Original Theme Demo) (01:32)
38. Mystery (Original Theme Demo) (03:14)
39. Our Purpose (Original Theme Demo) (04:23)

Release name: Trevor_Morris-The_Pillars_Of_The_Earth-OST-2010-MiNERAL
Artist Trevor Morris
Title The Pillars of the Earth
Genre Soundtrack
Release Year 2010
Quality/Size 44.1 kHz @VBR / 105 MB
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DYNAMiCS released 5 updated Native Instruments apps for OSX users.


BATTERY 3 is the professional standard for drums and percussion. The latest version of the acclaimed drum sampler fuses an extensive library with functionality and simplicity. A powerful new engine and a host of sound shaping options deliver tight, punchy drums while the user-friendly interface guarantees instant access and complete control. Whether electronic or acoustic, BATTERY 3 will have your drums rolling in no time.


GUITAR RIG 4 is the ultimate all-in-one guitar and bass solution for perfect custom tone. The powerful and intuitive software comprises of a vast array of amps, cabinets, mics and effects, recreated in stunning detail. The latest version includes 3 new amps, 4 new super-flexible effects and above all, the revolutionary Control Room for that “big bucks” studio tone.


KORE PLAYER is a software instrument with a production-ready 400 MB sound library, providing 150 instruments and effect sounds. Built on KORE 2, the Next-Generation Workstation, KORE PLAYER includes six Native Instruments sound engines under the hood and provides ready-to-play sounds that can be browsed and tweaked via the intuitive KORE 2 PLAYER interface. Adding new sounds is as easy as purchasing and downloading affordable Powered by KORE Instruments.


MASSIVE is a sonic monster – the ultimate synth for basses and leads. The analog concept belies the contemporary, cutting-edge sound it generates. The high-end engine delivers pure quality, lending an undeniable virtue and character to even the most saturated of sounds. The interface is clearly laid out and easy to use, ensuring you will have MASSIVE generating earth-shuddering sounds from the very first note.


REAKTOR 5.5 opens a universe of sound. It’s a deep and powerful modular studio that sets no restrictions on creativity. More than 70 unique synthesizers, sound generators, grooveboxes, sequencers and effects are at your fingertips, with 3000+ more freely available in the Online User Library. Customize existing instruments, or create your own individual sound generator from scratch thanks to the fully modular architecture. REAKTOR 5.5 is a true playground for the creative mind.

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The show revolves around four close friends in their twenties – a bachelor/advertising marketer Mark (Fab Filippo) who can’t resist the
temptation of an attractive woman in a short mini-skirt. V.J (Sean Francis) a four-eyed Indian geek, who wishes that one day he is able to lose his virginity to woman that doesn’t come with patches. A bubble-butt, down-to-earth lioness redhead name Sam (Lauren Ash) who enjoys the chase as much as the kill; and a bartending ladies man/player Woody (Anand Rajaram) who is so smooth with the ladies, he has a hard time finding women in his area code that he hasnt already slept with.

Join the gang in this sex crazed comedy as four friends hit the singles dating scene trying to score a one night relationship, while fulfilling there perverted fetishes and sexual fantasies.

XviD | MP3 VBR | 175MB x 13

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Plot: Superstar genetic engineers Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) specialize in splicing together DNA from different animals to create incredible new hybrids. Now they want to use human DNA in a hybrid that could revolutionize science and medicine. But when the pharmaceutical company that funds their research forbids it, Clive and Elsa secretly conduct their own experiments. The result is Dren, an amazing, strangely beautiful creature that exhibits uncommon intelligence and an array of unexpected physical developments. And though, at first, Dren exceeds their wildest dreams, she begins to grow and learn at an accelerated rate–and threatens to become their worst nightmare.

Genre: Sci-Fi | Thriller
IMDB rating: 6.3/10 (11652 votes)
Directed by: Vincenzo Natali
Starring: Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley, Delphine Chanéac, Brandon McGibbon

Release Name:  Splice.2009.480p.BRRip.XviD.AC3-FLAWL3SS
Size: 1.58 GB
Video Quality:  XviD 720×400 1702 Kbps
Audio Quality: AC3 448 Kbps
Runtime: 104 minutes

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President of 2kA at the press release: year later, we are releasing our fourth DLC installment, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, which illustrates our enthusiasm for creating highly entertaining content that enhances a franchise. In addition to serving as the perfect bookend to the original game, what gamer doesn’t love a kung-fu-wielding Ninja Assassin Claptrap with nunchuck skills?

Info: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution invites single-player and co-op fans back to try to suppress a deadly Claptrap revolution using one of four infamous vault hunters. The foursome find themselves caught in the crosshairs of a deadly civil war between the Hyperion Corporation’s well-armed armadas and the ever-amassing army of homicidal Claptraps led by one of the most eagerly awaited characters in the franchise’s history û the cunning Ninja Assassin. As vault hunters, players must put aside their past differences with the Hyperion Corporation, namely the organization’s repeated attempts to wipe them Corporation, namely the organization’s repeated attempts to wipe them down the mechanical uprising and thwart the dastardly kung-fu expert, the Claptrap known only as Ninja Assassin.

Rlsname: Borderlands.Claptraps.New.Robot.Revolution.DLC-RELOADED
Size: 1680 MB
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