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Norwalk, California–a Los Angeles suburb with a small town feel. Stashed away in these lockers is the potential for collectables, heirlooms, and other forgotten jewels.


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In a series first, head judge Tom Colicchio enters the competition, challenging the chefs to beat his time in creating a dish. Then, the meal masters head to Chinatown to serve up dim sum for locals.


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Frank West, a freelance photojournalist on the hunt for the scoop of a lifetime, pursues a juicy lead to a small suburban town only to find that it is being overrun by zombies!
He escapes to the local shopping mall thinking it will be a bastion of safety, but it turns out to be anything but. It’s a true struggle to survive the endless stream of enemies, but with full reign over an entire shopping center, Frank can utilize anything to fight off the flesh-hungry mob.

  • Survive in a shopping mall overrun with an army of undead where everything and anything is a weapon.
  • Just because it’s a zombie apocalypse doesn’t mean you can’t be social.
  • If you fall to the shambling hoard you can send out a distress call via Facebook or Twitter to your friends.
  • If your friends revive you, they will get extra bonus point. If they don’t you can rise as a “NAMED ZOMBIE” in their game. Help each other to survive in this nightmare!!
  • Move environmental objects like tables or garbage cans Chow down on various “mall food” to revive health.
  • Snatch items from different stores to use as weapons, including golf clubs, fry pans and more!
  • Context sensitive controls pop up as need allowing you to perform complex actions with a tap of the button.
  • The next scheduled update will add an New character. Stay tuned for more.

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LOL released the special preview episode (series premiere) of NBC’s upcoming new comedy series “Perfect Couples”. The show revolves around three unique couples at various stages in their relationships, yet who face similar problems.

Dave and Julia get dolled up for a night on the town; Amy worries that Vance isn’t ready to commit; and Rex and Leigh have trouble adjusting to Italy’s time difference.


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During the late 1930’s, the Fleischers’ Popeye the Sailor cartoons rivaled even Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse shorts in popularity, and this second collection makes it easy to understand why. In contrast to the realistically animated characters in Disney’s lavishly beautiful shorts, Popeye, Olive and Bluto were rubber-limbed and broadly comic. These cartoons aren’t badly animated: notice the fun the artists have with Olive’s precarious balance in “A Date To Skate” (1938) or the way the trio struggles to act refined in “It’s The Natural Thing To Do” (1939). The Fleischers’ approach to animation was just broader and cartoon-ier than Disney’s. But the period of 1938-1940 represented the last hurrah of the Popeye shorts. To accommodate the large staff needed for the studio’s first feature, Gulliver’s Travels (1939), producer Max Fleischer moved the studio from New York to Miami. The run-down apartment houses and gritty streets of the early Popeye cartoons gave way to suburban houses and gardens. The backgrounds and supporting characters in “Popeye Meets William Tell” (1940) look like leftovers from Gulliver, and the film lacks the élan of the shorts made just a year earlier. The studio would close and be re-organized under new management after the failure of Hoppity Goes to Town in 1941.

Popeye the Sailor: 1938-1940, Volume 2 is the second of a series of DVD sets released by Warner Home Video collecting, in chronological order, the theatrical Popeye cartoons originally distributed by Paramount Pictures. The collection features 30 regular one-reel black-and white Popeye cartoons, and also the last of the three two-reel Technicolor Popeye Color Specials, Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp.


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When dynamic publicist and life-long New Yorker E.J. Baxter (Kristin Chenoweth) loses her both her fiancée and her job on the night of her holiday… When dynamic publicist and life-long New Yorker E.J. Baxter (Kristin Chenoweth) loses her both her fiancée and her job on the night of her holiday work party she retreats to Kalispell Montana to get her life back on track and hatches an ingenious plan to put the small town on the map. Thanks to a sizable lack of funds the Kalispell search and rescue team is in danger of being disbanded. Recognizing that the guys on the team are all bona fide hunks E.J. works alongside her new colleague Jan to produce a Christmas calendar that will make the ladies of Kalispell swoon. Unfortunately for E.J. the men in Kalispell aren’t too enthusiastic about the idea. If she can just convince them that it’s all in good fun and land the perfect Mr. December however E.J.’s sexy calendar is sure to sell like hotcakes.

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Plot: Alone among assassins, Jack is a master craftsman. When a job in Sweden ends more harshly than expected for this American abroad, he vows to his contact Pavel that his next assignment will be his last. Jack reports to the Italian countryside, where he holes up in a small town and relishes being away from death for a spell. The assignment, as specified by a Belgian woman, Mathilde, is in the offing as a weapon is constructed. Surprising himself, Jack seeks out the friendship of local priest Father Benedetto and pursues romance with local woman Clara. But by stepping out of the shadows, Jack may be tempting fate.

Genre: Crime | Drama
IMDB rating: 6.7/10 (12,551 votes)
Directed by: Anton Corbijn
Starring: George Clooney, Irina Björklund, Lars Hjelm, Johan Leysen

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