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Mst released Electro House 2010 2.0. This music compilation contains 2 cd’s with 36 house tracks.

01 afrojack – bangduck (dj falk edit) 03:01
02 spencer & hill – get down (radio mix) 03:19
03 ph electro – englishman in new york (radio edit) 02:54
04 dennis ferrer – hey hey (vandalism remix) 07:19
05 swen weber – bass (radio edit) 03:32
06 g&g – we just criticize (radio mix) 03:00
07 leony! – party in ibiza (fhm radio edit) 03:00
08 fio feat. karin nagi – like an angel (niels van gogh vs. dave 03:18
09 dj ortzy – infected (original virus mix) 08:24
10 bellini – samba all night (manuel de la mare smash) 06:06
11 squeeeze! – doop (radio edit) 03:00
12 albin myers – jump (dabruck & klein remix) 06:02
13 armin prayd vs. niels van gogh – on (klik klak remix) 03:11
14 eric chase – sticky situation (radio edit) 03:13
15 jewelz – get down (original mix) 06:01
16 da hool – bora bora 2010 (radio edit) 03:29
17 michael mind project – feel your body (radio mix) 03:07
18 sol noir – superstring (nicky romero remix) 05:11

01 sidney samson feat. lady bee and bizzey – come on let┤s go (p 03:33
02 stfu vs. boogshe – shut the fuck up 2010 (radio edit) 03:12
03 afrojack – pacha on acid (short edit) 07:29
04 chris kaeser – who┤s in the house (dj chuckie edit) 03:42
05 2elements vs. doubleproject – free feelings (lektro edit) 03:05
06 chris decay – no more hate (original mix edit) 03:12
07 nicky romero – my friend (radio edit) 04:00
08 meck feat. dino – feels like a prayer (radio edit) 03:02
09 karami & lewis – pumpin (pumpin big room edit) 03:11
10 fm audio – rock n roll angels (radio edit) 03:10
11 niels van gogh vs. voltaxx – all bitches (sunloverz edit) 03:33
12 dbn – chicago (radio mix) 03:04
13 lambert & grinaert – poison arrow (elektro radio edit) 02:49
14 sunloverz feat. jamie sparks – i wanna fly (radio edit) 03:19
15 eddy hard – er hat ein knall (radio mix) 02:45
16 mark knight vs. koen groeneveld – put your hands up 07:20
17 crew 7 – give into the bass (dirty impact & funkytunerockers 03:25
18 remady feat. manu – l – give me a sign (radio edit) 03:15

Release name: VA-Electro_House_2010_2.0-2CD-2010-MST
Size: 204.20 mb
Nfo: Here

Lz0 released latest version of Ashampoo Anti-Malware.

An unprotected computer is virtually an open invitation for cyber criminals, whose numbers run in the thousands on the Internet today, and can easily cause considerable damage for average users. This is why we developed Ashampoo Anti-Malware for you. Consider yourself on the safe side with state-of-the-art technology in the field of computer security. Ashampoo Anti-Malware comes with two scanners (anti-spyware and anti-virus) of renown software producers and therefore ensures your pc’s protection from online and offline threats alike. By integrating both engines in one program, the scan time is reduced significantly in comparison to two separately operating programs. Furthermore, Ashampoo Anti-Malware offers a signature check, during which a program is being checked for known malware patterns prior to each program launch (protection from over 3.000.000 current threats from the web and daily updates of the latest signatures), next to a heuristic analysis, enabling for unknown malware to be detected and blocked by means of behavior.

Release name: Ashampoo.Anti-Malware.v1.2.1.Incl.Keygen.and.Patch-Lz0
Size: 96.12 Mb
Links: NFO – Homepage – NTi


Picking up immediately where Resistance: Fall of Man concluded, Resistance 2 follows Nathan Hale as he finds himself once more in a world transformed by war and invasion. Undaunted by their defeat in London, the Chimera have continued to advance and are now poised to attack the United States. Entire cities have been leveled and communities annihilated. In this war where the odds are so heavily stacked against the human race, few are left who are willing and able to fight. Fortunately, Hale is not alone. A group of super soldiers known as the Sentinels will fight alongside Hale as they collectively attempt to thwart the inevitable.
Players will once again step into the war-torn boots of Nathan Hale, who not only faces near impossible odds on the battlefield, but also constantly struggles with the Chimeran virus raging inside his own body. In addition to an epic single-player campaign, Resistance 2 offers a truly unprecedented eight-player, class-based online co-op campaign with a separate, parallel storyline and 60-player online competitive multiplayer built upon a massive battles, greater intimacy mantra. Players can also visit a re-designed, featuring social networking tools designed to enhance a user’s gameplay experience whether they’re engaged in single, co-op or competitive combat.

Release Name: Resistance.2.PS3-DUPLEX
Retail Date: November 04, 2008
Size: 18.42GB
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Critics: 8.8/10 (62 reviews)
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Insomniac Games

Link : IGNGameSpot | NFO


including Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, audio, video, and outlook email files, etc. Data can easily be recovered from NTFS, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems. In addition, it can not only make hard drive data recovery or disk data recovery, but also recover lost or deleted files from USB drive, memory card, memory stick, camera card, or other storage media. No matter how you’ve lost the files (virus infection, mistaken deletion, format, wrong partition, etc.), wGXe Data Recovery Professional will assist you to retrieve them quickly and accurately.


  • * Quickly scan the selected Hard drive volume and recover relative data in no time.
  • * Recover lost, missing, or deleted emails from Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, and repair corrupted email files from the hard drive or removable storage devices.
  • * Recover all kinds of file types, including Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, photo, video and audio, etc.
  • * Support almost all file systems including NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32.
  • * Support storage medias like, USB flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards, and iPods, etc.
  • * Recover formatted partitions, so long as the partition has not been rewritten.
  • * Preview pictures to be recovered in the lost picture lists so as to recover the pictures or photos rapidly and accurately.
  • * Backup disk partitions automatically to find the lost partitions quickly and effectively through the partition backup under the condition of lost disk partitions.
  • * Quick search function allows you to quick search files to be recovered by file type, file extension, file size, or date.
  • * A perfect hard drive data recovery and disk data recovery tool

Release Name: WGXE.Data.Recovery.Professional.v1.0.0.2.WinALL.Regged-YPOGEiOS
Size: 2.97 MB
Links: Homepage – NFO

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man battles to save his beloved city! Spider-Man will need to use all of his great powers to save New York from the worst breakout of Super Villains the city has ever seen. Fight against time to stop the madness and mayhem created by the Super Villains who want to take over the city and disperse a poisonous virus! Spider-Man: Total Mayhem captures all the action, humor and fun of the Ultimate series in state-of-the-art gameplay and animations. Are you up for the challenge?


  • – Enjoy ultra dynamic gameplay with more than 20 fighting combos that take advantage of Spider-Man’s extraordinary agility and super powers.
  • – Master the mayhem by using Spidey’s agility to master tricky platforming and quick time events.
  • – Find yourself in a pinch? Activate Spidey’s special attack, the Ultimate Web Combo to blast danger away!
  • – Use your Spider-Sense to avoid danger and get in the best position to counter-attack!


  • – Play in a storyline inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man comics: Roxxon scientists planted inside the Triskelion facility covertly attempt to combine Venom with OZ Serum to improve it. The resultant blast destroys a portion of the Triskelion, allowing some of Spider-Man’s greatest foes to escape. Released in the explosion, the Oz-Venom synthesis has also begun to infect citizens throughout the city!
  • – Face off against six of Spider-Man’s toughest enemies gathered in one game for unprecedented mayhem: Sandman, Rhino, Electro, Venom, Dr Octopus, and Green Goblin!
  • – A sleek graphic style with bold colors and impressive animations – including slow motion – brings the Ultimate Spider-Man universe alive in right your hands!
  • – In the heat of all the action capture your greatest combat moves for your friends with our Photography mini-game. And Search for collectibles to unlock comic art from the Ultimate Universe.


  • – Visit 12 levels in unique New York City locations as depicted in the comic book series. Battle from the rooftops to the subway and back again!
  • – Explore the city like Spider-Man! Cling to the walls and climb them and then jump, web sling or slide from rooftop to rooftop in memorable aerial sequences.
  • – Unlock the Black Suit, and revisit all levels using your new capacities powered by the mysterious Symbiote substance.

Release Name: Spider-Man.Total.Mayhem.v1.0.0.iPhone.iPod.Touch-OBTPDA
Release Date: September 2, 2010
Size: 450 MB
Genre: Action
Published by: Gameloft
Links:Homepage – GameSpot – NFO
Download: TPBMNNZB

Release Description:

WinGuard Pro 2010 is a Freeware program that can secure your Windows computer using several locking methods. It adds password protection to your Windows Programs, Encrypts your Files and Folders and provides Extra Locking for tasks such as; Internet sessions, Registry Access, Task Manager, and many more

Key Features:

  • Lock Any Program with a Password
  • Encrypt Files, Folders & Drives from Windows Explorer
  • Disable Software Installation
  • Password Protect Windows Explorer
  • Password Internet Explorer, FireFox and Downloads
  • Restrict Registry and Task Manager
  • Works Alongside any Antivirus, Spyware & Firewall software

Release Name: WinGuard.Pro.2010.Premium.v7.3.5-Lz0
Size: 6.49MB
Type: Utility
Protection: Serial
Links: HomepageNFO

Description: Spy Emergency Spyware Remover is anti-spyware, anti-virusand anti-spam solution that fast and secure removesspyware, viruses, trojans and other internet threats fromyour PC. Spy Emergency Free AntiSpyware Download protectsyou against thousands of security threats. Spy EmergencyTrojan Remover module detects and removes trojans and wormsin the wild.

Release Name: NETGATE.Spy.Emergency.v8.0.305.Incl.Keygen.and.Patch-Lz0
Release Date: August 30, 2010
Size:7.77 MB
Links: Homepage – NFO