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Somebody has been killing witches in Whitechapel and Chandler is determined to catch them before too many more deaths occur.

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This autumn, ITV1 launches a season of high quality drama, written by and starring, some of the UK’s biggest talents. Led by Downton Abbey, from Oscar-winning writer, Julian Fellowes, a spectacular autumn season of new drama series and one-off films includes Bouquet of Barbed Wire, DCI Banks, The Little House, and the return of Whitechapel

Aftermath, Episode 1

Police officers respond to a domestic disturbance call and find a grisly crime scene. DCI Alan Banks has found the home of a serial rapist and murderer, but the suspect is in a coma. A fifth victim is missing and may still be alive, and Banks is determined to find her. DS Anne Cabbot from Professional Standards wants to know about the circumstances leading to the assault on the suspect.

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ATRium has released a nice Promo Compilation from Metal Blade Records, including 19 tracks from Cannibal Corpse, As I Lay Dying, The Ocean, Whitechapel, The Red Chord, Aeon and more.

01. As I Lay Dying – Beyond Our Suffering [02:52]
02. Whitehchapel – The Darkest Day Of Man [03:02]
03. The Ocean – Swallowed By The Earth [05:02]
04. Cannibal Corpse – Priests Of Sodom [03:34]
05. Job For A Cowboy – Ruination [04:58]
06. Charred Walls Of The Damned – Ghost Town [04:59]
07. Unearth – Crow Killer [03:19] |
08. Lightning Swords Of Death – Nihilistic Stench [03:35]
09. Cattle Decapitation – The Gardeners Of Eden [05:41]
10. Armored Saint – Loose Cannon [05:09]
11. Brain Drill – Monumental Failure [03:28]
12. The Red Chord – Demoralizer [02:34]
13. Bison B.C. – Two-Day Booze [05:10]
14. Woe Of Tyrants – Creatures Of The Mire [04:03]
15. Austrian Death Machine – See You At The Party Richter [03:35]
16. Skyforger – In The Underworld [04:15]
17. Aeon – Kill Them All [03:15]
18. Diabulus In Musica – Lies In Your Eyes [03:59]
19. Istapp – Vinterrket [03:26]

Release Name: VA_-_Metal_Blade_Records-(Promo)-2010-ATRium
Genre: Metal
Label: Metal Blade
Quality: VBR
Size: 108MB
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Description: The Sherlock Holmes series is known as one of the best franchises in adventure games and is acclaimed by critics worldwide. Now, the detective is back in what will be his most terrifying investigation. In this great adventure game, the player will track the most dangerous killer England has ever known: Jack the Ripper.

1888, London, district of Whitechapel. A series of particularly horrible murders takes place in this district of the East End of London where atrociously mutilated prostitutes’ bodies are found. The police are unable to find a serious lead and the murders increase creating a real psychosis. Sherlock Holmes starts looking for clues in the dark and sinister alleys of Whitechapel in order to follow the macabre trail of the one the press now calls Jack the Ripper. During a frightening adventure, Sherlock Holmes will try to bring out the true identity and the motives of the one who hides behind this scary alias.
Fully 3D rendered, Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper will offer players 2 different views that are accessible at any time: a 3rd person view in the purest style used in point & click adventure games, as well as a 1st person view. The player will be free to play in one or the other modes or even combine them for greater immersion into this terrifying adventure

Another novelty: the player will also find an original crime scene reconstitution system that will allow him to test his theories during his progress in the investigation to follow the bloody trail of the terrifying serial killer.


  • Penetrate one of the greatest English mysteries and discover who Jack the Ripper really is!
  • 2 legendary English characters from the 19th century in a terrifying investigation: Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective of all on the footsteps of Jack the Ripper.
  • For the first time, 2 different views that are accessible at any time. Play as you wish: in a classic way with a third person view and the “Point & click” system, as well as a first person view for total immersion.
  • Investigate in the city of London like rarely seen on screen. During your adventure, go all over the dark and sinister alleys of the district of Whitechapel, Jack the Ripper’s favored hunting ground.
  • For the first time, use an original crime scene reconstitution system to test theories that might lead you on the serial killer’s track.
  • Use and combine more than 100 objects and gather many clues to bring out the true identity and the motives of the frightening Jack the Ripper.
  • A progressive hint system in included to put the player in the right direction during puzzle solving.

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer/Co-Developer: Spiders / Frogwares

Release name: Sherlock.Holmes.Vs.Jack.The.Ripper.USA.XBOX360-APATHY
Filename: apathy-shvjtr.iso
Size: 5.55 GB
Region: USA, PAL
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