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Laxity released new & updated version of Slideshow-Diashow XL (formerly known as Diashow Pro).

Diashow XL is an application that can help you create picture slideshows. Produce very easy and fast slideshows, select a directorie with pictures, add afterwards your favourite song of your CD – finished!


  • Slideshow for PC, self-starting CD-ROM, DVD, VCD, SVCD
  • unlimited number of pictures
  • adding Audios directly from your Audio-CD or MP3’s
  • complete foto editing integrated
  • scanning of pictures
  • import from digital cameras or any TWAIN -equipment (TV map, Capturecard etc..)
  • More than 125 slideeffects for slideshows
  • over 50 effects for pictures
  • printing of photo albums
  • several slideshows at the same time possible
  • archiving of pictures with text extending the slideshow sequentially (e.g. Urlaub1, Urlaub2…)
  • Build Screensavers with your own photos

Release name: Slideshow-Diashow.XL.v10.5.3.Multilanguage.WinAll-LAXiTY
Size: 18.37 mb
Links: Homepage, Nfo

Download: HotFileRapidShareFileServe , Torrent search

Laxity released updated version of ”AMS Photo Art Studio”. This application is an impressing collection of effects and frames for decoration of photos.

Photo Art Studio is a brand-new application for decorating photos and applying effects. Within literally a couple of seconds, you will be able to build up a stylish frame, create a postcard or a collage. The program includes a handful of functions necessary for processing digital photographs: automatic enhancement and editing, creating special effects, framing, adding decorations and labels. Photo Art Studio features a pretty, customizable user interface, easy to get along with. The program is easy and comfortable to operate, and its capabilities exceed your expectations! Only a few minutes will be enough for you to fully master the art of professional decoration of any kind of photos. The built-in help system and the online tutorial will help you turn your pictures into true masterpieces!


  • Convenient user interface and ease of operation.
  • Five automatic photo enhancement algorithms.
  • Over three hundreds of decoration schemes: frames, masks, postcards, collages.
  • Huge set of new templates in the full version, expandable template base.

Release name: AMS.Photo.Art.Studio.v2.71.WinAll-LAXiTY
Size: 22.14 mb
Links: Homepage, Nfo
Download: Hotfile, Torrent search

Here is useful audio app – Stereo Tool v5.01 by CRD group. Also available as Winamp plugin.

Description: Have you ever wondered why on the radio all songs have the same volume, while if you play CDs or MP3s, the volume and the type of sound changes all the time? That’s because the big commercial radio stations use expensive equipment that ensures that all songs sound the same, and that they sound good on a wide range of cheap up to expensive audio systems. Now Stereo Tool offers you similar processing, which you can use while listening to your own music. Besides this, Stereo Tool offers a stereo widener which makes music sound ‘fuller’ and more ’spacial’ (less is also possible), and it can repair phase shift problems in recordings (cheap CDs, vinyl, tapes).

Release Names:
Size: 6.11 MB
Links: NFO, Homepage
Download: HOTFILE, Torrent Search

CRD again released the new version of Super Diary. Super Diary comes with 8 independent main modules, which are all working on one single, strongly encrypted Microsoft SQL Server CE database file. You can have as many documents and databases as you like.

The built-in weekly calendar can help you to organize your appointments. Click and drag the mouse anywhere in the calendar to create a new appointment. Use drag and drop to move appointments around. You can have recurrent appointments for every week, every month, every 3 months etc. Appointments can have color tags and reminder alarms attached. Export and print a list for any period of time.

Release Name: Super.Diary.v2.65.WinAll.Incl.Keygen-CRD
Size: 7.35 MB
Links: NFO, Homepage
Download: HOTFILE, Torrent Search

Here is updated version of MEDIARevolution by LAXiTY group.

Description: By it’s enormous function range and the support of numerous media formats MEDIARevolution is the only Player you really need on your PC! Apart from playing video and audio files as well as DVD’s, you get a complete media administration and a digital video recorder. The product rounds useful aid flax for the daily work to an almost inexhaustible Multimedia component system off. Nevertheless it requires only a comparatively small memory and processor extent of utilization. MEDIARevolution is the All-In-One Solution of a Multimedia Player! A Player for everything, a central administration of your media on your PC and everything only to one click far away. Get along on your PC again!

Release Name: MEDIARevolution.v3.1.3.Bilanguage.WinAll-LAXiTY
Size: 25.8 MB
Links: NFO, Homepage
Download: HOTFILE, Torrent Search

Here we hav a new version of ”DJ Studio Pro”. This is a complete DJ system. Convert, grab, edit, play, burn CDs.

DJ Studio Pro offers you a twin deck DJ player with auto fade and auto beat match. DJ Studio Pro will help you convert between all audio formats, Grab CD audio to any format with CDDB album info service and find album covers for CD’s and audio files. With DJ Studio Pro you can also create Audio CDs, edit all audio formats, add effects, normalize, fade in / out, amplify, create clips, split files. You can even change and memorize song speed or pitch separately. DJ Studio Pro includes smart ID3 tag editor, lyrics editor and album cover image editor.


  • Plays all file types – Twin deck mixer player.
  • Sound clips can be played over current song or when fading between songs.
  • Over 100 free sound clips can be downloaded from our download page.
  • Manual & automatic variable speed fading between decks – Adjust speed without changing pitch.
  • Offset & Effect play buttons – Fade stop and fade down buttons. Create offset play points for each song.
  • Playing CD’s – you can play tracks directly from CD, the track loads to memory in seconds, you can then remove the CD and insert another CD, the track will play to the end.
  • Remove vocals when playing CDG MPX Karaoke CD’s.
  • Database with fast search & queue.
  • Beat matching system. Create beat match offset play points for each song.
  • Shows lyrics contained within audio files. (Add lyrics to audio files using the included lyrics editor).
  • Plays all file types including MP3, WMA, M4A , AAC , MP4, OGG, and CD
  • CD tracks quickly loaded into memory so another CD can be inserted without interrupting play.
  • Supports M3U, WPL and PLS play lists.
  • Adjustable Pre-Amp for improved sound
  • CD track titles and album cover artwork retrieved automatically using the free CDDB service, and internet connection.

Release name: DJ.Studio.Pro.v7.
Size: 20.46 mb
Links: Homepage, Nfo
Download: Hotfile, Torrent search

CRD released an ultimate software product that allows you to delete any unwanted data from your hard drive, BCWipe.

Description: Standard operating system’s deletion procedures remove only a reference to a file from filesystem tables leaving it’s content intact. With generally available undelete tools the file can be easily recovered.


  • Delete with wiping
  • Wipe free disk space
  • Wipe Swap File
  • Wipe File Slacks
  • Transparent Wiping
  • Updated Internet Browser Support
  • Enhanced User Interface
  • Support For Windows 7

Release Name: Jetico.BestCrypt.BCWipe.v4.01.16.WinAll.Incl.Keyfilemaker.and.Patch-CRD
Size: 5.42 MB
Links: Homepage, NFO, NTi

Download: HOTFiLE